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Ads by Retire Early Team

Advertise on Retire Early Team

This feature is only available to Pro Members - those who are paying $6 per month.

Do you want Targeted Advertisement ???

Retire Early Team is the perfect place to provide you targeted advertisements and only available to Pro members!!

Your banner will not only be displayed on the members area, but will also appear in rotation on the Corporate Splash and Lead Capture Pages. THIS WILL GIVE YOUR BANNER MASSIVE EXPOSURE!

Important Notes:

Please only submit 468x60 size Banners. Maximum of 3 Banners Only.

Click here to learn all about Banner Advertising

After you have entered your information, click the "Preview" Button.

Once you have clicked the preview button, and are happy with the results on that page, you will notice that there is a field to select either Paypal or Alert Pay. Do not be concerned with that. You will not be charged. Just click the "Submit Order" button.

When you have done that, you will be brought to a screen which says: "Make your payment now and we will activate your banner after approving payment....." Just close out of this window. Once again you will not be charged.

Before you submit another banner for approval check the number of banners that you have submitted by clicking here. Your Pro Member banners are prefixed with "Pro". If you have 3 listed, then you must delete another before submitting a new banner. To do that just drop me an email (support@retireearlyteam.com), with the bracketed number of the banner you wish to delete and I will attend to that deletion within 72 hours.

Banner Url:
Website Url:
Banner Position:

We reserve the right to reject any advertisement in case of any dissatisfaction regarding the advertising contents or websites.

Whilst the amount of banners shown in the Impressions box is set to 100,000 the actual amount of Impressions you will receive is limitless. However, should your Pro Subscription lapse, so will the displays of your banner!

Your banners are displayed as stand alone impressions on the major Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers. To see those banner stats you would click on "Banner Stats" in your "Stats" page of your RET Members Area.

They are also shown within the RET Members Area. To track your banners performance in the RET Members Area log into : http://www.retireearlyteam.com/trackads.php using your login details and tracking password contained in the email sent after approval.

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